Which banks are authorized to withdraw and collect my AFP?

Due to government regulations, due to the health emergency caused by COVID-19, people have the opportunity to withdraw up to 17,600 soles from their AFP. The schedule for the withdrawal request has started to run from June 24, and runs until July 8; with an extension for stragglers until August 24.

Many are the people who have already submitted their application and have begun to receive the money in their bank accounts. The latter, in fact, is an issue that worries some members of the private pension system, since they are interested in knowing if the bank in which they have a savings account is authorized to withdraw from their fund or if they have the need to open a new account.

Doubts about the withdrawal of the AFP: Authorized banks and automatic opening

Doubts about the withdrawal of the AFP

The main question of the affiliates who have chosen to withdraw money from their pension fund is to know if the bank in which they have a savings account, salary account, or similar, is authorized to withdraw their funds or if it is necessary to open an account for this purpose. Here we solve these doubts.

Banks authorized to withdraw the AFP

Authorized banks and automatic opening

The ideal is that we have a bank account, in one of the financial entities determined for the withdrawal; for example, BBVA, BCP, Interbank, Scotiabank, Banbif, Banco de la Nación, Banco del Comercio, Banco GNB, Caja Huancayo, Caja Sullana or Banco Ripley.

This is important, since when we submit our application to the AFP we will be asked for the bank account number. Please check the entered digits carefully before proceeding with your request, otherwise you will have to wait 8 more business days to re-enter this order.

What if you don’t have a bank account?

And if you don't have a bank account

If you do not have a bank account, you can still request the withdrawal of your money, since the Government has arranged the automatic opening of accounts to receive payments. In that sense, at the time you submit your request, you will be given the option of having the money in a bank account set up in your name, or opening a new one in one of the authorized financial entities mentioned above.

The money from your AFP can help you pay your debts

The money from your AFP can help you pay your debts

Now that you know which are the 10 banks authorized to receive your AFP, we tell you that one way to make the most of your money, in favor of having a healthy finances, is to use that amount to pay your debts.

If you decide to do so, we will tell you that at AlDía we have the “Pool” program. Thanks to him, if you have the money to pay off your total debt, we can help you pay it off with greater benefits and discounts, because we negotiate your debt on a massive scale. In addition, we also help you with the management of your no-debit letter, so that you maintain a positive credit history. Contact us for more information!

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