Why do you need to improve your credit reputation in Peru?

Count on good credit reputation It will help you to obtain better offers of loans and credits, before the different financial entities in the country. In addition, some companies also check your credit reputation before choosing to hire you or not.

How to improve your credit reputation?

How to have a good credit reputation It is so important for your finances and your work life, here we tell you how to improve it.

Know your debt capacity

This is the maximum amount with which you can borrow without putting your finances at risk. In general, the ideal is that the payment of your debts does not exceed 35% or 40% of your monthly income.

Identify your real income and your expenses

That way you will be aware of how much money you generate per month and you can prioritize liquid money for unexpected expenses, instead of credit.

Classify your debts

To improve your credit reputation, it is a good idea to classify your debts and prioritize the total payment of the monthly payments of those that are higher, either by the total amount or by the interest rate they have.

Request your credit history regularly

That way you will be able to know how banks and other financial entities see you; Likewise, you will discover all the debts you have and you will be able to identify if there is any error in the information collected by the SBS or risk centers.

You pay your debts on time

And if you have fallen behind in the payment of some: regularize yourself. Small delays also cause your credit rating to change. Before this happens, we recommend that you approach the financial institution to which you owe money so that they can offer you a solution such as rescheduling your payments.

Do not apply for more loans or credits

Until at least you have paid off the debts and credits that you currently have and that are difficult for you to pay. Also, once you request either of the two, make sure you are well informed about the interest rates, as well as the payment terms.

Receive professional advice

Finally, you can also request to receive professional advice from experts in financial education. At AlDía we can help you since we have different plans that will allow you to improve your financial reputation. With REINSERTA, for example, we take care of helping you generate the letter of no debt with your bank and after this, you are once again a candidate for better loans and credits before the different financial institutions. Contact us for more information!

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