Why is it important to check my status in Infocorp?

Like other credit bureaus, Infocorp gives the possibility, to anyone, to know the state in which it is in its platform, but why is it important check my status in Infocorp?

Is being in Infocorp bad?

Many people are afraid of “being in Infocorp”, however, being in this risk center is not the problem, but the rating we have in it. And it is that, after all, we all enter the database of risk centers since we started our credit activity, whether we apply for a loan or our first credit card.

Next, we will tell you why it is important to review your status in this risk center.

To find out what your credit rating is

credit rating

The main reason to request your free report from Infocorp online is because that way you will know what your rating is in this risk center. This is important because the same information that you will obtain is the one that Infocorp provides to banks every time you request a loan or credit.

The score you have in Equifax allows this entity to predict the probability of payment of your debts in the next 12 months and thus the banks can decide whether or not to give you a loan or credit.

Because there may be inaccurate information about you in the central

inaccurate information

Another reason why you should be aware of your Infocorp report is because there may be errors in it and if so, you should request that they be corrected so as not to affect your credit rating.

One of the most common mistakes is that a debt that you have already paid appears as past due or unpaid on your report; This can happen because the bank did not notify the entity of the debt settlement and, to solve this error, you must present the corresponding letter of no debt to Infocorp.

To know all the debts you have

overdue debts

Finally, a third reason to know your report is to be aware of all the debts that are registered in your name. That way you can not only be aware of the total amount you owe, but also know if someone is using your name to adjudicate debts that you did not acquire, in which case you must take legal action in the matter.

It is important to be aware of our own finances to avoid problems that affect our credit score. If at any time you had problems paying your debt, you have already settled it and you want to be a candidate for loans and credits again, contact us, with our program REINSERT We will help you to have a favorable score again and obtain better conditions in the next loans and credits that you request.

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