XTB – What it is, definition and concept | 2023

XTB is a broker of Polish origin and was founded in 2002. It has offices in Spain, as well as in 12 other countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe and a portfolio of more than half a million clients. A curious fact is that you can operate as a market maker, although you also have an ECN account.

This broker stands out for having one of the most impressive product offerings in the Spanish-speaking market. It is possible to trade stocks and spot ETFs. Its flagship product are CFDs on currencies, indices, raw materials, shares, ETFs and cryptocurrencies, both in euros and currencies.

Regarding trading costs, instead of commissions, we will talk about very competitive spreads on all products, using a tiered system. The commissions are very low or in many cases they are free.

Opening an account in XTB is tremendously simple, and also does not require a minimum capital. Although if you are starting and want to try, you can also open a demo account with which to operate with fictitious money. And if you have a problem, with this broker you have excellent customer service that attends you in Spanish.

From a security point of view, XTB is a listed company and is regulated by the main supervisory authorities in the world (CNMV, FCA, KNF, BaFin, AMF, etc.).

Finally, among the pros of XTB we must add that you can trade with leverage, in a mobile app and it has an account for trading professionals.

Something that attracts a lot of attention is its transparency. Despite the fact that most of their business is focused on CFDs, they warn with a banner at the bottom of their website that 82% of retail accounts lose money when trading CFDs. Although it is also due to legal issues.

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XTB is very popular among EU traders. On the downside though, it does charge a withdrawal fee for certain amounts, which can be very costly if you are a casual trader.

And if what you are thinking about is doing social trading or copy trading, this is probably not your platform.

XTB Features Table

Here are the features of XTB:

minimum initial capital Standard account €0 / Pro account €300,000
Real time Yeah
Interface Simple
Regulated by: CNMV (Spain) and KNF (Polish Supervisory Authority)
geographic market Spain (continuous market), Paris, London, Milan, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and the United States (NYSE and NASDAQ)
Financial products Stocks, ETFs, CFDs, Forex and Cryptocurrencies
withdrawals €0 if the withdrawal is more than €200
€20 if the withdrawal is less than €200
Commissions for operations in shares and ETFs
(more products below)
Shares and ETFs: €0 Although if the volume is greater than €100,000 per month, 0.2% per transaction (minimum €10)
Currencies: and 0.5% currency
CFDs: 0.3%
Exchange rate commissions 0.5%
Custody and maintenance fee €0 (when carrying out at least one operation per year)
dividend commission €0
rate report Download full XTB rates report
Leverage Allowed (maximum 1:30)
personalized attention Online, phone and office
Events and seminars Yeah
market reports Yeah

Advantages of XTB

  • It has offices in Spain and excellent customer service in Spanish.
  • It is very easy to open an account in XTB and does not require a minimum capital.
  • You can send money very quickly, with credit and debit cards, bank transfer, Paypal, Skrill and other electronic wallets.
  • Very low commissions, of 0 euros in shares and ETFs (not counting the spread, which, even so, is very small), except for operations that exceed 100,000 euros in a month, which charges 0.2%, with a minimum of 10 euros per operation.
  • It does not have a maintenance fee (if you carry out at least one operation per year).
  • Wide variety of products and markets, especially with CFDs.
  • You have a demo account to trade with fictitious money.
  • It has an account for trading professionals.
  • It is a broker with a lot of transparency, which is greatly appreciated.


  • Commissions for withdrawing money (although only if it is less than €200).
  • It is not possible to trade some assets, such as mutual funds, bonds or futures
  • You cannot trade without leverage, except with stocks and ETFs. So be careful with the leverage, it measures the risks very well when operating.

In conclusion, XTB is a fairly reliable broker where you can trade with a wide range of financial products. His long history is a great point in his favor when making the decision of which broker to choose to start trading. If you want to learn more about XTB:

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