Voluntarism – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

Voluntarism is the political idea that relationships between human beings and between entities (or between individuals and entities) are to be carried out voluntarily in the form of agreements. In other words, voluntarism implies that all the relationships that must exist between people, organizations and institutions must be of a voluntary nature, with no obligation … Leer más

Phil Knight – Economipedia

Phil Knight (1938, Portland, Oregon) is an American businessman who founded the prestigious Nike sportswear firm. Athletics lover and sports journalist, Phil Knight and his former coach Bill Bowerman created Nike with just 500 dollars. Numerous sports stars have taken part in its advertising campaigns, proving decisive in expanding the quality image of the Nike … Leer más

The price of gasoline and statistical fallacies

The price of gasoline in Spain has skyrocketed during the first months of the year 2022 (fueling inflation) and everyone has looked for culprits. But, to know the causes, we must analyze the consequences paying attention to the statistical fallacies. Thus, some blame the Government, because taxes represent an important part of the bill. Others … Leer más