Mortgage opening commission | 2022

The mortgage opening commission is an added amount on the principal of a mortgage loan and that must be assumed by the receiving client. Within the group of expenses related to the assumption of a credit or loan when purchasing a home, one of the main ones is the mortgage opening commission. Although each entity … Leer más

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) | 2022

An initial coin offering is a financing model of recent origin. Take advantage of the issuance of cryptocurrencies to raise funds for the initial growth of a project. Through the issuance of a certain amount of cryptoactive elements, a company or business project seeks financing. That’s because you receive compensation in the form of fiat … Leer más

In which countries pay less taxes?

There is an eternal debate between the need to pay taxes to contribute to social welfare and the personal desire to prevent the Treasury from reducing the money that is obtained as a result of work. Ethical and legal issues can be discussed, but the truth is that many fortunes end up being taxed in … Leer más