Emails, SMS, calls … the baits to steal data, increasingly sophisticated | My money

The cybercriminals They use increasingly sophisticated tricks to try to deceive and obtain personal and confidential information, such as bank passwords or credit card details. To the phishing, the most common internet scam that consists of sending fraudulent emails, other sophisticated techniques have been added to make the user fall into the trap. The so-called … Leer más

Bankinter launches a digital guide on buying and financing a home | My money

Bankinter has developed, within its commercial website, a new virtual space that, under the name of ‘Better financial decisions for your mortgage’, guides future home buyers through the procedures and requirements involved in the home acquisition process and obtaining the necessary financing. Through a statement, the entity points out that this interactive guide includes information, … Leer más

Openbank doubles the gift if friends contract or change the mortgage: it will give up to 2,000 euros | My money

Openbank, the online subsidiary of Banco Santander, continues to be very active in its efforts to attract mortgage clients in full growth of the loan granting. Just a few days after lowering its fixed and mixed mortgages, placing its offer as one of the cheapest at the moment, the entity launches another succulent promotion that … Leer más

Microfinance – Impact Investment in the Corona Crisis

Image by David Mark from Pixabay What does that actually mean impact investment? Impact investing refers to investments made in companies, organizations and funds in order to achieve measurable, beneficial social or environmental impacts while generating a financial return. Investing in microfinance funds is one such impact investment. Even if the idea of ​​cooperative loans … Leer más