Types of hydraulic power | 2022

Hydraulic energy is that source of energy that, through water and applications of kinetic principles, produces electrical energy. In other words, it is one of the types of energy that can generate large amounts of electrical energy. In addition, it is considered renewable, since it does not emit CO2 or use fossil fuels in any … Leer más

MBA – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

The term MBA refers to a business master’s degree that prepares graduates to acquire all kinds of managerial skills. What enables them to hold important positions within a company. In other words, an MBA trains students in different technical, managerial, and leadership skills and abilities. Which are necessary to be able to assume directive and … Leer más

Frederick Winslow Taylor – Economipedia

Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915) was an American engineer who promoted the scientific organization of work. His contributions have been key in business organizations and in particular in the industry. Through his training as an engineer and his observations in the industrial world, Taylor provided insights that were vital in the transition from craft production to … Leer más

Free Legal Aid Law | 2022

The free legal aid law is the legal norm that regulates the right of citizens who lack the resources to litigate to go to trial without having to pay court costs. This regulation on legal assistance is aimed at those citizens who do not have sufficient economic resources to be able to attend a judicial … Leer más

Craig Wright – Economipedia

Craig Wright is an Australian businessman and computer scientist who has come to claim to be the father of Bitcoin. However, experts and journalists have determined that these claims are not true. Brisbane businessman Craig Wright went so far as to proclaim that he was the true creator of Bitcoin. But the controversy, the lack … Leer más