Difference between broker and dealer | 2022

The difference between a broker and a dealer is that the broker carries out the buying and selling actions by order of a third party, while the dealer can do it on his own behalf. When a person wants to participate in the financial markets by buying and selling those products that they consider interesting, … Leer más

Satyagraha – What is, definition and concept | 2022

Satyagraha is a term that means a form of non-violent struggle, theorized and applied by the famous activist Mahatma Gandhi. It implies some very marked objectives and principles that must be respected. Satyagraha is a concept developed by Gandhi referring to the form of resistance and non-violent disobedience. But he doesn’t just stay there, he … Leer más

history of web pages

On August 23, 1991, the first web page in history appeared. Since then, the network has revolutionized the world and it is unimaginable to live without web pages. It is true that the first web page in history had nothing to do with the new web pages, since it lacked images or videos, among many … Leer más

Cryptocurrencies and their tax implications

Cryptocurrencies have great importance in the global economy. The global trading volume based on cryptocurrencies had very important peaks in 2021. For example, by May 19 of that year, the value of the total cryptocurrency market amounted to 500,000 million dollars. In December 2021, Mexico was ranked 14th among 27 countries that own cryptocurrencies, and … Leer más