Economic informality: a threat or a strength?

As with almost everything in economics, the answer is “it depends.” And it is that, in times of economic crisis such as the current one, economic informality could attenuate the increase in unemployment. When one stops to think about the great evils that threaten our economy, one of the first issues that always comes to … Leer más

The Treaty of Versailles, an economic fiasco

On November 11, 1918, rifles and cannons fell silent in the European trenches. The First World War had ended and, months later, in 1919 the Treaty of Versailles was signed, which would have profound economic repercussions. After four hard years of human catastrophe, the world had undergone a great economic change. International trade had suffered … Leer más

What is happening with Bitcoin?

In recent weeks, the behavior of Bitcoin has been quite peculiar. In this sense, investors try to find an explanation for such behavior, but what is really happening with the cryptocurrency? On November 26, the price fell by 9% in a single day, going from 18,769.40 USD to 17,076 and halting the upward trend observed … Leer más

The use of coal has its days numbered

The data showing the consumption of this fuel around the world, show a clear decrease in its use. In line with the sustainability objectives, the data seem to support the progressive extinction of the use of coal on our planet. In recent years, the ecological transition that the planet plans to experience, and that is … Leer más