Operation code (opcode) | 2022

An operation code (opcode) is the most basic form of communication between the hardware and software parts of a device. In other words, from the operation codes (hereinafter, opcode) commands are issued from the software part to the hardware part. In this sense, each device has a different way of issuing and receiving these orders, … Leer más

Settlement for differences | 2022

Settlement for differences is one in which, at the expiration of a contract of derivativesis done andl Cash payment of the difference between the settlement price and the agreed price without delivery of the underlying asset. Therefore, it is nothing more than a way to settle a contract of this type by paying the difference … Leer más

Arm’s length principle | 2022

The arm’s length principle states that the price of a transaction must be identical, regardless of whether both parties are related or not. It is a concept agreed between the different countries that make up the OECD. This principle or way of governing transactions is used not only in transactions between individuals, but also between … Leer más

Carbon credit – What it is, definition and concept | 2022

Therefore, we are facing a way to strengthen international aid between countries, helping to reduce global warming and the greenhouse effect. Developed countries obtain credits in the carbon market for their international collaboration. This is one of the three international decontamination mechanisms proposed in the Kyoto Protocol with the aim of reducing emissions that cause … Leer más

Gann Theory – What it is, definition and concept | 2022

Gann’s theory is a theory that proposes that financial markets with many fluctuations always tend towards equilibrium. This statement is based on elements of geometry, mathematics, astronomy and is even based on biblical references. In other words, Gann’s theory states that regular behavior can be observed in financial markets. Despite the fact that these markets … Leer más