Jackson Hole: Powell vs. Trump | The bridge

(The apparent contradiction between Powell – monetary sovereignty – and Trump – fiscal sovereignty – is not even a tongo. It is Oswald Cobblepot with a Mexican wrestling mask setting the media stage so that the kick in the butt that Capital is giving him passes as one more episode of ‘The Battle of the … Leer más

Prices do not support home sales. | The bridge

(Schumann, whose father was a bookseller —but he translated into German for great British writers—, when he was only 9 years old, after attending Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’, he decided to be a pianist and a poet. His father, who loved him very much, dies His sister commits suicide. And his mother, more of a … Leer más

Slowdown in sight? | The bridge

(We have been delighted that Obama, in his anti-Trump flog, said that “Trump is only taking advantage of RESENTMENT.” He agrees with us and supposes the self-critical recognition that the cause of social pathology is the popular-capitalist model. The alleged White House mole who hypothetically would have published in the New York Times that Trump’s … Leer más

Public managers for global cities | Business schools

Cities are going to be, if they are not already, the preferred unit of analysis of the economy, political science, public health, demography, international relations and infrastructures, among other areas of public activity. The global trend points to five governance theses that explain how the planet has changed since 1996. First, urbanization is an unstoppable … Leer más